Here's why a golfer gets no relief when playing from this bridge

Did you know about this golf rule? 

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Tue, 15 Sep 2020
Here's why a golfer gets no relief from playing from this bridge

Think you know your golf rules? Well we like to test our readers every now and then when it comes to the golfing rule book, and this latest video post from Golf Rules Questions on Instagram is a real tester.

So your golf ball has just landed on a bridge over the water, and you might be thinking that you're entitled to free relief. Unfortunately under golf's rules, there is NO relief should your ball end up on a bridge that is inside a penalty area - which is the case here...



"I don't agree with this rule," says one irate golfer. "How is this different than free relief from a cart path?" However, Golf Rules Questions reveals the main difference: "The ball is in a penalty area."



Another golfer comments: "What is the definition of in? This bridge is 'on-top' of the penalty area." Golf Rules Questions replies: "The margin is a vertical line that is straight up and down. Think of an invisible wall."

"What would his options be if he hit into the water?" asks another golfer, to which GRQ responds: "He could replay it from the spot on the bridge where he hit from for a penalty of one, or proceed under options outside the penalty area."

What do you make of this rule? What is your most frustrating rule out there on the course? Share your thoughts and comments on our social media channels.