Ian Poulter caught out by microphone during Travelers Championship

Ian Poulter has warned other golfers to "beware of the live mic" after he was caught breaking wind at the Travelers Championship.

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Tue, 30 Jun 2020
Ian Poulter caught out by microphone during Travelers Championship

Without the sound of thousands of spectators cheering and clapping on the PGA Tour, we're getting to listen to what some of the world's best players have to say during tournaments, but occasionally you hear a few things you weren't supposed to.

Watching the PGA Tour return to our televisions has been a blessing and understanding the thought process of the players before and after a shot has been entertaining and educational, but the highlight of the Travelers Championship came from Ian Poulter, which was most definitely entertaining, yet far from educational.

Playing alongside Greg Chalmers in the final round at TPC River Highlands, Poulter was caught out by the microphones surrounding the first tee.

Chalmers hit his tee shot and what usually would follow is an applaude from the nearby crowd, but instead we heard Poulter breaking wind, much to the amusement of the Ryder Cup veteran. Watch the hilarious moment below:

"Did you get that?" said Poulter laughing away, addressing the camera and sound crew on the first tee.

"Stay over there," replied Chalmers. "Was it supposed to be more silent than that?"

Poulter posted the video accross his social media accounts and captioned the video on Instagram: "First tee nerves are real. Beware of the live mic..."



The video received hundreds of replies, including from fellow professionals and some other famous faces.

"Nice out," said Rickie Fowler.

"Most solid strike of the week!" said fellow Englishman Lee Westwood.

"Let's hope this time the postman didn't deliver," joked TV presenter Vernon Kay.

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