Little kid attempts John Daly drive, ends up on the floor!

We've all got to start the game of golf somewhere...

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Tue, 1 Sep 2020
Little kid attempts epic John Daly drive, ends up on the floor!

The setup, just superb. The backswing, impeccable. The downswing, on plane. The impact... let's just say a work in progress. 

We love a viral golf clip here at GolfMagic, and while slightly cruel, we could not help but stifle a laugh after watching this video posted on Instagram by John Vining, head men's coach at the University of South Dakota...



He said: “This is gonna be a big one, Dad!” (@john_vining_sd)

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"Still better at golf than me," said one golf fan. 

"How I imagine the start of every round," said another.

"This is me on the first tee when I'm hungover playing golf," said one golfer.



"The backswing is pretty epic to be fair... shame about the rest of it," read another comment. 

"I actually thought this was going to go miles," said one golfer.

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