OUTRAGE! Tour pro told to CHANGE his golf shirt once arriving at the course

Famous Tour pro was asked to change his collarless golf shirt once arriving at the course.

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Thu, 27 Oct 2022
Tour pro told to CHANGE his golf shirt after going against club rules

A "very well known" Australian Tour pro was asked to change his collarless golf shirt once arriving at a popular golf course in Melbourne earlier this week, according to Tour pro Ewan Porter. 

Porter, who now works for the DP World Tour and PGA Tour, took to Twitter to reveal such information, much to the disgust of the majority of golf fans.

To confuse matters further at the golf club, the Tour pro was told he would be able to wear the collarless shirt during their upcoming tournament but not during his practice round this week. 

"Ok, this tweet is not even a joke," tweeted Porter, a winner of two tournaments on the Korn Ferry Tour and one on the PGA of Australia.

"Yesterday, a very well known Australian pro golfer played a very well known golf course in Melbourne.

"He wore this same style of adidas Golf shirt and was told he had to change it. 

"I'm sorry but this is completely unacceptable archaic rules."

Porter then added: "For those questioning whether said player packed up and left? No. He was playing a practice round for an upcoming event for which he was told this shirt would be ok to wear in said event. Now please enlighten me as to how on earth this makes any sense?"

No official word has been made as to the Australian Tour pro in question, but if the shirt was one made by adidas Golf then it would somewhat narrow the search down. 

Four-time PGA Tour winner Steve Flesch, who recently blasted Bryson DeChambeau, said: "Growing the game, one stuffy antiquated rule at a time."

Here's how a number of golf fans reacted to Porter's tweet... the majority could not believe it, while some considered the club was spot on.

And scroll further below to see another shocking golf clothing issue that Porter himself experienced two years ago at an Australian club. 

Two years ago, Porter revealed a similar clothing issue that happened to himself at an Australian golf club.

Porter explained how he was told he would not be able to play as a result of wearing black socks with black shoes.

The only way he would be able to play on the course would be to purchase white socks from the pro shop. 

"Visited a premier Sydney golf club today," Porter tweeted in 2020.

"Was told I wouldn’t be able to play wearing black socks with black shoes and I needed to buy white club socks. Leaving this open for discussion, but I said out of principle, I’d prefer not to play than bow to archaic rules."

Ever encountered similar incidents at your local golf club? Share your thoughts and comments over on the GolfMagic social media channels. 

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