REVEALED: The 8 best Mini Golf courses you need to experience around the world

USA, Europe, Rest of the World - best-value-for-money crazy golf experiences that money can buy right now.

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Thu, 11 Nov 2021
REVEALED: The 8 best Mini Golf courses you need to experience around the world

From fun-filled family days and date nights, to a group activity you can enjoy with your friends or work colleagues, Mini Golf is always a real crowd-pleaser.

GolfMagic has teamed up with spending experts at to provide you with the eight coolest Mini Golf courses dotted around the world. 

#1 - Lexington Ice Center, Kentucky, USA

Cost: $7.50 (£5.50) per adult ticket or unlimited holes for $11.00 (£8.08)

First on the list and also the most affordable is the Lexington Ice Center mini-golf, which gives you the chance to - quite literally- enjoy a ‘biblical putting experience.

Choose to play one or all three of the Bible-themed, 18-hole courses; including the Old Testament, the New Testament and Miracles.

Throughout your mini-golf journey, you will pass a variety of well-known religious elements like the Tree of Knowledge, Jonah and the Whale and Noah’s Ark.  Hopefully, you might even be in with the chance of scoring a heavenly hole-in-one. 

#2 - Around The World Miniature Golf, Lake George, New York

Cost: $8.75 (£6.41) per adult ticket

If you’re looking to enjoy a round of mini-golf and the chance to travel the world for just $8.75, there’s nowhere better to visit than Around the World Miniature Golf in New York.

With each different hole representing a country from around the world, your round of miniature golf will see you tee-off in the New York City Subway, take a swing by the Taj Mahal, and shoot your shot by the Tower Bridge, all in the space of a few hours. 

#3 - Lauberhorn Crazy Golf, Wengen, Switzerland

Cost: CHF 8.00 (£6.42) per adult ticket

Nestled amongst the mountains of scenic Wengen, Lauberhorn Crazy Golf tells the story of the legendary Lauberhorn Downhill Ski Races that have been held in the village since 1930.

The challenging 18 hole course that sits in the picturesque Swiss Alps has been designed to pay homage to the heritage of the area and features a miniature slalom track, skis and cowbells - and there’s even a snow cannon to fire balls out of.

#4 - Championship Adventure Golf, Merseyside, UK

Cost: £7.50 per adult ticket  or £12.50 for both courses

Championship Adventure Golf in New Brighton is home to two 18 hole courses, The Famous Golf Holes Course and The Landmarks Course. 

Want to golf like the pros? The Famous Golf Holes Course lets you play on the most iconic courses and holes from around the world that have been recreated in Merseyside. Cross the popular St Andrews’ Swilken Bridge, take a swing on the famous 17th hole ‘Island Green’ at TPC Sawgrass, or see the scenic Turnberry Lighthouse. 

If you are looking for a more casual mini-golf experience, The Landmarks Course takes you on an 18 hole tour of the best the Wirral has to offer and its landmarks and attractions. Visit the New Brighton outdoor pool, Fort Perch Rock, Mini Mersey Tunnels or the Park’s Swiss Bridge. 

#5 - Bubbeljungle Golf in the Dark, Leiderdorp, Netherlands

Cost: €8.94(£7.61) per adult ticket

Bubbeljungle Golf in the Dark brings you the very best of glow in the dark golf but with the added excitement of a secret mission to solve. Uncover clues when you complete each hole that will help you solve the mystery of finding the missing singer Diva Laguna. 

On the 18th hole, you’ll come face to face with Diva’s kidnapper, where you have the chance to put your ball straight into the monster’s mouth to not only complete your game but also solve the mystery.

#6 - Hastings Adventure Golf, East Sussex, UK 

Cost: £7.75 per adult ticker or all three courses for £16.50 

Hastings Adventure Golf has a course to suit everyone, whether you want to take on one of the 18 hole courses for £7.75 or enjoy all three courses for £16.50. 

Try putting your ball through the revolving windmill on the Classic Course, keep an eye out for the talking tiki poles, waterfalls and caves on the Adventure Course or voyage through the Pirate Course, but make sure to watch out for the splash zone when the cannons fire. 

#7 - Treasure Island Adventure Golf, Auckland, New Zealand

Cost: $15.00 (£7.85)

Tee off at Treasure Island Adventure Golf where you can explore the two 18 hole courses  Blackbeard's and Captains'. 

The nautical course lets you play your round of mini-golf and potentially uncover some treasure, whilst you journey past shark-infested waters, life-sized pirate ships, exploding cannons and cascading waterfalls. 

#8 - Can Can Wonderland – Minnesota, USA

Cost: $15.00 (£10.99)

Can Can Wonderland lets you step straight into a colourful and whimsical oasis. The 18 hole mini-golf course has been designed by local architects and visual artists, with the business donating part of its profits to the Minneapolis St Paul artist community.

The eclectic course means that every hole is completely different, from Grandma’s Living Room or a Natural Disaster to a Hot Tub Time Machine - there are lots of sights to explore along the adventure.