Roger Federer: I've lost contact with Tiger Woods, but want to see him

Federer admits he lost contact with Woods when he went through his personal struggles.

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Thu, 25 Oct 2018
Roger Federer: "I would be glad to see Tiger Woods again"


Roger Federer has revealed how he wishes to get back in contact with Tiger Woods as the pair have not spoken since the American's off-course struggles hit the headlines. 



Federer, 37, used to attend many sponsorship events with Woods, in particular Nike and Gillette. 

The record 20-time Grand Slam tennis champion claims he has lost contact with the 14-time major golf winner ever since he changed his phone number while he went through his personal struggles. 

"I have not seen him for a long time,” Federer told the media at this week's Swiss Indoors tennis tournament. 

“Of course, we used to see each other once in a while with the Gillette campaign. Also by Nike. But that was rare.

“It was more about wishing good luck. When his problems came, he became out of reach and changed his number.

"Despite everything, I was happy that he is feeling better now. Is well again and plays well.

“He supported me very much. We had fun with the fight for more Grand Slams. Unfortunately he stopped. I would be glad to see him again.”

Woods picked up his 80th PGA Tour title with a first victory in more than five years at the Tour Championship last month.