Video emerges of one of the STRANGEST GOLF SWINGS ever seen

WATCH: Have you ever seen a golf swing quite like this?

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Wed, 23 Sep 2020
Video emerges of one of the STRANGEST GOLF SWINGS ever seen

Now I'm all for the phrase "swing your swing" and players like Matthew Wolff and newly crowned US Open champion Bryson DeChambeau are modern-day pioneers of that, but sometimes you have to question what on earth some players are thinking...

In a video posted by Golf Gods on Instagram, this one golfer was filmed on the driving range hitting his driver with what has to be one of the strangest set ups I've ever witnessed.

Watch the crazy golf swing in the video below:

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What the hell is going here!

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I'm not quite sure where to start with this swing. Firstly, the clubhead is a good two feet away from the ball and his hands aren't even close to being together.

His feet are set up as if he's trying to play the biggest draw possible and due to his hands not being joined, his right shoulder is extremely low. Of course with the driver we want the right shoulder slightly lower to help us hit up on the ball, but this seems a little extreme.

One positive thing I will say about this swing, which trust me was difficult, was that this guy gets a really nice rotation on the backswing, which is helped by lifting his left heel off the ground, something that the likes of Bubba Watson, Matthew Wolff and Phil Mickelson like to do.

I wish you could see where the ball ends up because he's staring it down as if he likes it which I'm finding very hard to believe. But hey, swing your swing I guess...

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