WATCH: Extraordinary moment pro hits two (!) golf balls at the same time

A professional golfer struck two golf balls when playing his approach shot during the final round of the New Zealand Open.

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Sun, 5 Mar 2023
WATCH: Extraordinary moment pro hits two (!) golf balls at the same time

Australian veteran Brendan Jones prevailed as the champion of the New Zealand Open, but it was really this moment that caught our attention during the final round. 

It involved the World No. 1206 Shae Wools Cobb. At the time, he was in contention at Millbrook in Queenstown. 


Then this happened. The pro hit not one, but two golf balls when he was playing his approach shot with a pitching wedge. 

The extraordinary moment was recorded and posted by @WarrenSmithFox. Wools Cobb was faced with a what was described as a 'gnarly' lie.  

After the incredible moment, the commentator said: 

"My goodness. What has happened here is that there was a ball right beside where his was. He's trying to make sense of it, because his came out flying towards the green but there's one that's gone just a couple of metres in front of him. I don't think I've ever seen that before." 

Watch the moment here: 

Wools Cobb eventually finished eight strokes back of champion Jones. 

What do the rules of golf say about this?

According to the USGA, there is no penalty. 

The rules state: 

"No penalty. The player only intended to strike his own ball and therefore a stroke was not made at the unknown abandoned wrong ball." 

While this moment was extraordinarily rare, it has happened before. And to Phil Mickelson

During the 2010 Houston Open Lefty had to go Righty and ended up striking two golf balls. One hit him in the leg. 

Watch that here: 

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