Golf tip: Keep connected for 40-yard pitches

Trap a towel for wedge consistency

Golf tip: Keep connected for 40-yard pitches

PGA pro John Hoskison, who plays on the European Seniors Tour, offers some quick tips to help golfers improve their game.

A WEDGE SHOT to the green from 40 yards out and off tight lie is one of the most difficult shots to execute satisfactorily.

The difficulty in the shot comes from the hands becoming overactive, which in turn leads to a poor strike or inconsistent distance control.

If your fairways are hard and bouncy following recent warm weather and dry conditions, here's an exercise to try. It’s a great way to keep the body and arms working together while keeping the hands quiet.

Take your favourite pitching club and a towel to the practice ground. When you have hit a few shots, tuck the towel it under both arms and pinned across your chest. Continue to hit short pitch shots, using only a half-swing. At first it will feel slightly restricted but soon you will get used to the feel of the shoulders, hands and arms working together. It keeps the swing 'connected'.

I'm not taking the credit for this exercise, indeed Ben Hogan first introduced it in his classic book 'Modern Fundamentals of golf.'

Sir Nick Faldo famously revamped the idea during his time with David Leadbetter but over the last few years, since power has become the dominating force in golf it's an exercise has seems to have been forgotten.

By pinning the arms to the side, combined with the upper body, the work together and keep the hands quiet. Practice this for maybe 20 shots then try to recapture the sensation of a connected swing when pitching normally. Good luck.

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Originally published July 2009, updated May 2013.

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