Instructional: Iron Play Practice Drills

Having a good rhythm during your iron shots is essential but so is your aiming and set up. Here are a few drills to work on each aspect of an iron shot

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Wed, 24 Jul 2013
Instructional: Iron Play Practice Drills

There are soo many variations to an iron shot so practicing ball striking, how to shape a ball, and alignment are all vital when you're practicing on the range.

After speaking to PGA professionals and researching coaching manuals, we'vbe come up a list of the most important drills you need to work on to improve your game.

So check out our guides to...

1. Fade and draw drill

2. Avoid the shank drill

3. Compress the ball drill

4. How to hit the ball before the ground drill

5. Step into the ball drill

And make sure you take a look at the... 

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