Golf Practice Drills: basic swing drill

Pushing your hips through a shot is important for consistent ball striking. Here PGA professional David Bown shows us a fun drill to try out

Golf Practice Drills: basic swing drill

Step 1-2: Step away from the target

The basic swing drill is our fifth in the Iron Play Practice Drills series.

Compressing the ball at impact is vital when you're trying to tackle the basics of a swing and this simple drill really helps you learn how.

Here PGA coach David Bown addresses the ball with a normal stance with the hips and hands slightly forward of centre, as seen in step 1. 

In step 2 David has moved his left foot next to his right foot, keeping his right foot planted, and brought the club back to the new address position.

Make sure you keep stable when you move to having both your feet together, this will help your balance when playing a normal swing.

Click the next slide to see how David steps into the ball...

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