Masters girl shoots to viral fame as she waits for Patrick Cantlay to putt out

Aaliyah Kikumoto has shot to fame thanks to a viral TikTok video of her at The Masters.

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Thu, 13 Apr 2023
Masters girl shoots to viral fame as she waits for Patrick Cantlay to putt out

It wasn't all bad news for the patrons watching Patrick Cantlay take his time in the final round at The Masters, as one golf fan by the name of Aaliyah Kikumoto has quickly shot to fame as a result. 

Kikumoto was pictured standing behind a frustrated Brooks Koepka on the 16th tee, with the four-time major champion angrily waiting for Cantlay and Viktor Hovland to finish putting out on the green. 

Koepka spoke of his annoyanace at the slow pace of play at The Masters on Sunday, which he described as "brutally slow."

Colin Montgomerie went as far to label Cantlay (and Bernhard Langer) as a tortoise!

Paige Spiranac felt AimPoint Express as used by Hovland had the biggest say in slowing down the pace of play at Augusta. 

Aaliyah was seen watching on intently (and for Cantlay to finish putting out) before suddenly beaming with a smile (possibly because Cantlay had finished putting out). 

It was love at first sight for some: 

@double.bogey this made the masters 10 times better #masters #golf #golfgirls #golftiktok #masters2023 #augusta ♬ original sound - lucia <3

"Somehow I fell in love with someone I only saw for 15 seconds," read the words on the TikTok video.

"This made The Masters 10 times better," read the caption to the video posted by @double-bogey on TikTok. 

Kikumoto then saw the video and commented: "thts me [laughing emoji]"

Her mother then responded to the snaps of Aaliyah on Twitter.

She wrote: "Yessssss!!!! My husband!!! @CharlesKikumoto To his right is our daughter Aaliyah, on the TTU Pom Squad!!! #wreckem"

Aaliyah is currently a dancer and a freshman cheerleader for Texas Tech. 

According to one of her peers, she is also on the varsity golf team. 

Aaliyah has since revelled in her newfound fame via her TikTok account: 


♬ original sound - hard ahh audios fr

She's also taken to her Instagram page to thank Hole 16 for her shot to viral fame: 

Aaliyah now has 31k followers on Instagram and over 40k on TikTok... no doubt those numbers will grow further this week!

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