Corr blimey! it's FootJoy

Drummer Caroline's gloves win hands down

Corr blimey! it's FootJoy

Corr blimey! it's FootJoy
Caroline Corr plays FootJoy!.

When I saw Caroline Corr performing on TV recently, wearing a pair of black gloves, I thought 'they look like golf gloves'. Nah. Can't be.

They can you know - and FootJoy's PR man Dave Silvers has just confirmed it.

Apparently, it’s not just on the world’s golf circuits where the fit, feel and grip of a FootJoy glove are so prized. Caroline, drumming sister of the Irish group, The Corrs, also prefers FootJoy and used several pairs on their recent UK "In Blue" Tour.

Caroline always drums in FootJoy golf gloves, Dave tells me, for the same reasons as golfers, but takes a Ladies small size on both hands.

She says: "I know they’re designed with golf in mind, but I need a combination of feel and grip to play in and these FootJoy gloves are perfect. They also keep my hands cool and are so comfortable."

The talented family act from Dundalk have become one of the biggest bands to come out of Ireland for years and are beginning to enjoy the same popularity in the US. Their 'Talk on Corners' album apparently sold over nine million copies, and their concerts are sell-outs all around the world.

According to Mr Silvers, jockeys and campanologists (that's bell-ringers to you!) are just two more of the unexpected applications of the high performance gloves for which FootJoy have become as well known as their shoes.

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