Daly signs for Pinnacle!

New contract for pro game's longest driver

Daly signs for Pinnacle!

When I read the news release ‘John Daly signs to represent Pinnacle’ I had to rub my eyes and read it again.
Daly signs for Pinnacle!
Daly - Pinnacle endorsement.

Surely not? Daly might be the pro Tours' longest driver with an average of over 300 yards but there’s more to this game than merely grippin’ it and rippin’ it.

The Pinnacle might be the ball we would all scramble for in our bag when we come to the hole with a prize for the furthest drive, but is it a ball we’d prefer for a delicate chip around the green or a tricky, left to right downhill five-foot putt? It tends to explode off the clubface.

And would Big John use it? Surely not when millions of dollars are at stake to keep his scoring average below 69 a round?

Further examination, however, revealed that the former Open and US PGA champion, who has made a name for himself as a monster hitter, uses the Titleist Pro-V1 for tournaments, but has agreed to lead a ‘posse’ of long-drivers using the Titleist-made Pinnacle for exhibition stunts.

Daly's association with Pinnacle will include serving as a member of the Pinnacle Distance Team, an eight-member group featuring the likes of Jason Zuback, Art Sellinger and Brian Pavlet, who perform exhibitions and compete in long drive events.

Daly signs for Pinnacle!
Pinnacle from Titleist.

"I am often approached by amateur golfers who are seeking to hit the golf ball straighter and longer," says Daly, ten times long-driving stats leader on the US PGA Tour and whom I once saw in Florida fly a golf ball over a 20-foot high wire fence surrounding a tennis court, measured 350 yards from the practice tee.

"The best advice I can give them is to play Pinnacle for longer distance, more fairways and improved scores."

Yeah, right, John. So let’s see your caddie toss you a Pinnacle on the final tee of a tournament in which you’re a contender and see how you get on.

Indeed, I wonder what scores would be shot on the world pro circuits if using the rhino-skinned Pinnacle became compulsory.

In fact I’m going to check it out and play with a Pinnacle today and see if I should eat humble pie.

Watch this space!

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