Weird clubs on show

Way-out putters and wedges!

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Mon, 21 Jan 2002

Weird-shaped wedges, paradoxical putters – they could only come from a town called Hicksville.

The Scooper wedge.
Scooper wedges and Bridge Arch putters are the latest products from Green Grass Golf to make their debut at this week’s PGA Trade Show in Orlando where hundreds of equipment manufacturers are showing off their wares.

The Scooper wedges, with a huge, flat sole, look to have been roughly hewn from a wedge of cheese, the corners rounded off to make them more aerodynamically attractive.

Arch Bridge putter.
The sand wedge has a loft of 57 degrees, the gap wedge 60 and the lob wedge 63, enough to send the ball almost up your right nostril.

Green Grass’s Arch Bridge putters claim to include the unique concept of an archway design and insert face to produce more feel through the putter head.

Pipe putter.
The company also makes an Arch Bridge Pipe putter with a hollow tubular steel clubface to create better roll – not a new concept (Neil Coles once used a similar, solid tubular version) – but one which they claim will produce consistent results.

Green Grass even offers a free trial of their putters, which normally retail around $50 (£35), but you will have to pay for shipping, which could prove expensive.



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