EZiCaddy reveals low-priced trolley

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Tue, 28 Feb 2012
EZiCaddy reveals low-priced trolley

The EZiCaddy range of electric trolleys has received favourable reviews and earned many new admirers last autumn’s launch.

So for the 2012 season, the EZi3 trolley (pictured left) with lithium battery has been handed a recommended retail price of £399 - including VAT - which the company claims is the only lithium-powered trolley you can buy at that low price. 

And with its top-of-the-range EZi5 coming in at just £449 - EZiCaddy offer a lot of features and benefits for your money.

“Our competitive advantage is that we sell direct online and by phone,” says co-founder John de Graft-Johnson. “With the price of lithium batteries worldwide falling with rising volumes, we are now even more competitive.

“And because the EZiCaddy carts were designed with lithium in mind, their unique plug-and-play batteries are a joy to use.”

The EZiCaddy range has a second and, as yet, uncommon advantage in this respect. The EZiCaddy charger recognises whether it is attached to the EZiCaddy standard battery or to the higher specification lithium battery. 

So you can start off buying an EZiCaddy with a standard battery and then upgrade to a lithium battery later on without having to buy a new special charger.

“Lithium battery trolleys have until now been considered a bit of a luxury because of the high initial cost,” adds de Graft-Johnson. “Now, we think that the light weight, ease of handling and significantly longer life - typically 4 times that of the industry standard lead-acid - will make them a much more attractive option at this new benchmark price.”

For further information visit www.ezicaddy.co.uk or call FreePhone 0800 849 1345.

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