GolfBoard surfs onto UK courses

Surf the turf with golf's latest craze

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Fri, 10 Apr 2015
GolfBoard surfs onto UK courses

British golfers now have the chance to jump on the "GolfBoard" - a new craze sweeping across America.

The GolfBoard, hailed as one of the hottest products when we attended the 2014 PGA Show in Florida, is now available for hire in the UK at the likes of The Grove, Essendon and Cheshunt.

Essentially surfboarding on the golf course, the golfer steps aboard the GolfBoard and takes hold of the stability bar.

The thumb throttle controller then allows the golfer to accelerate and break while the rider’s body movement controls the steering.  

While using GolfBoard, the golf bag sits on the bag mount/stability handle which is attached to the front of the vehicle.

“We recently took delivery of a batch of GolfBoards and they have already proved very popular with players,” said Anna Darnell, Director of Golf Operations at The Grove.

“They are great fun to use. You get the feeling you’re surfboarding round the golf course and there is no doubt they help to speed up play.”

The new 4WD GolfBoards are powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery which can be recharged in as little as two hours. They are also easily transportable because can be dismantled and fitted into the boot of a car.

RRP: £3249 (plus VAT) from Frasercorp Ltd (