Mizuno unveils more JPX irons, wedges and hybrids

High-launching JPX800HD clubs are more forgiving, too

Bob Warters's picture
Tue, 30 Aug 2011

Mizuno is introducing more clubs to its game improvement range, featuring the JPX800HD irons and describing them as  'harnessing the power of the original JPX800 iron with a forgiving, high launching clubhead.'

The Reading based Japanese club-makers claim the ball speeds of the JPX800 line are taken to a new level with a pocket cavity from 4- to 7-iron, to promote clubface flex and more emphasis on control in thee design of the 8-iron to pitching wedge.

A wide sole, increased offset and thicker top line preferred by mid-handicappers combine, says Mizuno, to create a higher ball flight, tapering down from the longer irons to a workable mid-size pitching wedge.

JPX800HD irons are powered by Fujikura’s new Orochi ‘Dragon’ graphite shaft as standard with a price tag of £115 per club. Steel shafted clubs cost £80 each).

The irons are complimented by JPX wedges (£80 per club steel, £115 for graphite) and siumilarly-priced JPX Fli-Hi utility clubs.
JPX wedges feature the same high-spin technology found in the MP line of wedges, with a taller face, two-tone chrome finish, milled face and Tour-proven grooves  –  shallow for higher lofts, deeper for lower lofts.

The JPX Fli-Hi hybrids can replace traditional long irons with an easy to launch, forgiving head featuring a low, deep centre of gravity to long, soft landing shots.

“Although it’s very easy to hit, the JPX Hi-Fli hybrid is useful for all types of players. The stronger ball strikers might just replace their 3- or 4-iron, while golfers with less clubhead speed might start their traditional irons the 7-iron.” says Mizuno's custom-fit manager Bill Price.