State of the art golf GPS app

Uses specific technology, not just Google Earth

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Mon, 27 Dec 2010

State of the art golf GPS app

Tried your hand at the golf coaching app? Now get out on the course and try out your new learnings. Before you go though, be sure to download DMC's new Golf GPSi, the first golfing GPS system from a British company.

Allowing the user to download thousands of UK courses, the system boasts aerial photographs of every hole on the course, taken from a £1 million camera, unlike other American based products that rely on Google Earth for the images.

Golf GPSi shows readouts to all the features and, importantly for course management, distances from each feature to the green. Arcs are displayed at 50-yard intervals from the green, similar to those found in course guides, which the company also produce for players at European Tour events and the Open Championship.

Importantly as well, by clever use of the photo, highly accurate readings can be provided in manual mode as well, should the GPS signal be weak, or for added research away from the course.

“Our business model is simple,” said DMC managing director David Morris. “We believe as most people have mobile phones, the need to spend £300 or more on other golf GPS devices that show exactly the same readouts simply is not there due to the prohibitive cost.

“With our products, for under £10 you can get GPS readouts and photos direct to your phone.”

Golf GPSi is available here at a cost of £9.99.