Golf clubs filled with cocaine worth $30k intercepted by mail facility

The golf clubs were going from Colombia to New York...

Golf clubs filled with cocaine worth $30k intercepted by mail facility

Federal agents have intercepted a set of golf clubs - with more than a pound of cocaine stashed inside them - estimated to be valued at $30,000. 

The golf clubs, which travelling from Colombia to New York, were stopped by the international mail facility in Miami-Dade County on Monday.

One of the shafts was drilled and contained a white powder inside, which tested positive as cocaine. The total weight of cocaine was 1.14 pounds, according to CBP officials.

"Our CBP officers are highly skilled in detecting all types of concealment methods to intercept harmful drugs and to keep them from impacting our communities," said Christopher Maston, US Customs and Border Protections port director of field operations at Miami International Airport.

A similar incident happened in Perth, Australia in 2018 when a suspected drug smuggler was caught red-handed with a set of golf clubs allegedly packed with a kilo of cocaine.

According to police reports, a 55-year-old man was "acting strangely" while holding his golf clubs at Perth Airport, and when he was searched it came to light that he had smuggled cocaine inside the shafts.

His clubs were then x-rayed to reveal the substance inside...

Golf clubs filled with cocaine worth k intercepted by mail facility

At the time, police in Western Australia issued more than 700 charges and have made more than 80 arrests, seizing a litany of drugs in the process including methylamphetamine, cocaine, MDMA, marijuana, ketamine, and LSD. They also seized more than $600,000 in cash and 23 firearms. 


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