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Japanese manufacturer unveils 55th anniversary clubs

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Mon, 3 Jun 2013

JAPANESE manufacturer Honma has released a limited edition set of club clubs to honour the company's 55th anniversary - worth $75,000 (£49,156).

Only 550 full sets will be produced under the Honma 'five-star' series.

Honma says on its website that over 100 craftsmen all contribute to the making of each club. Some of the clubs feature carbon fibre which is wound around the shaft's iron core by hand.

Given the limited number for sale, each set is made to order, and is decorated lavishly with platinum and 24-karat gold.

A statement on Honma's website reads: "We view the crafting of golf clubs as an art piece. Not only the pursuit of optimum functionality, but also the refined sensitivity and workmanship that are the hallmark of Japanese skilled manufacturing.

"This year, Honma Golf celebrates 55 years of establishment. We are commemorating the occasion with the Honma 55th Anniversary Model, a set that constitutes a culmination of the techniques and pride in craftsmanship we have built up over the past 55 years.

"Our aim is to deliver the joy of owning something truly sublime to each customer who takes these clubs in hand. Get a set of your own, and experience unparalleled value with all your senses."

Donald Trump, who has caused much controversy for his proposed golf course plans in Aberdeen, is known to be an advocate of the luxurious clubs.

He says: “I think they’re great. I find they play very, very well. They’re beautiful clubs, nicer than any I’ve seen.”

But given that just a golf bag from Honma, whose 2012 series of clubs were not cheap either, can set you back $8,000 (£5,244), maybe $75,000 for the full set is not bad value after all.



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