The great Surrey golf ball mystery!

600 balls in 18 months appear on farmland

The great Surrey golf ball mystery!

A man has retrieved hundreds of golf balls while walking his dogs in the Surrey countryside - despite the fact he lives miles away from the nearest golf course.

Jeff Davies, 58, estimates his two dogs Billy and Joe have found 600 balls at Coombe Farm in Dorking, and has been left scratching his head as to how the dimples have fallen there.

“It’s all farmland - there is no course, no private range, nothing but ploughed fields,” Mr Davies told the Dorking Advertiser’s Oliver Frankham.

“I have lived here 30 years so I know the area very well. There’s absolutely no chance of it being someone going there to practice - it is so isolated.

“The only possible thing I can think of is, it is birds thinking they are eggs, picking them up from golf courses and bringing them back to their rookeries.”

He also said it was particularly mystifying as the balls are always found in the same small area, with new ones arriving every week.

“I walk in a lot of other places around here and you don’t see golf balls anywhere else,” he added.

“The nearest course is Effingham up at Bookham and that is a good three or four miles away as the crow flies – if you’ll pardon the pun!

“Yet the concentration and the amount here is incredible and they are all practically brand new. I pick them all up and stuff them in my pockets but when I go back a few days later there are more there.

“I’ve never seen one drop onto the ground, and I wish I had because that would solve the mystery.

“There’s something very strange going on. I’m hoping someone will be able to throw some light on this for me, because it is an absolute mystery.”

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