What every Golfer needs

Peter Milner travels the globe and finds that what we all need is one of these....

What every Golfer needs

Peter Milner is a pilot for British Airways and during his regular stints around the world, he plays quite a bit of golf. So Peter is well informed about the vagaries of the "International" game and this week he returns from Islamabad with a tale to tell which our ultra expensive caddies, let alone the ones on tour, should adhere to.

Take it away Peter…

I've just come back from Islamabad in Pakistan after a three day layover
and managed to play at the Islamabad golf course with a colleague. 6845yds
of the back tees sss 72 with green fees of just £8 - the course was in
immaculate condition and the weather near perfect!

As is usual in such parts you are expected to employ a caddie and also a
fore caddie to watch the - hopefully few - wild shots!

Not knowing the course would normally pose problems of its own - But on
this round with a local caddie by the name of Zefir and a blind faith in
his ability to choose the right club from the start, based only on his
knowledge of my rather uninspiring handicap, my golf became close to the
game as it should be played!

I found myself in the right part of the fairways, hit more greens in regulation and sunk more of those ten foot putts than the handicap committee would have approved of!
This culminated in my shot of the round a 140-yard 8-iron at the 392yd par 4
eighth for an eagle two!

Now while all this may have been exceptional - I can't help believe that
having that kind of experience on the bag would make far better golfers of
most of us poor hackers - the only problem I can see in implementing a
scheme to make this a reality for all of us is one of cost - Zefir's charge
for his services? 95pence!!

A lesson for us all (Ed.)

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