Horschel: "We're one incident away from a player going into the crowd"

PGA Tour player says if a fan insults him personally, he might take things into his own hands.


Horschel: We're one incident away from a player going into the crowd

Billy Horschel is never one to shy away from giving his honest opinion on the latest golfing matters, and this week was no different when he rocked up on the Playing Through Podcast

Horschel, who won the FedEx Cup in 2014, commented on the trend of heckling on the PGA Tour and made it clear that if a fan insulted him personally, he might not be able to take the high road.

I told the Tour, listen, if someone says something personal to me about my family that crosses the line, we’re gonna have an incident on our hands. Then you guys may take it seriously. I said, we’re one incident away from a player going into the crowd a little bit and handling a situation that has crossed the line.

---- Billy Horschel

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Horschel's remarks come just 24 hours after PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan sided with Rory McIlroy's comments about "limiting alcohol sales" on the course to help cut down abusive behaviour from some of the fans. 

Monahan, however, did make it clear that remarks from the gallery are not something they can control, and as a result he refused to go into too much detail where the Justin Thomas situation was concerned at the Honda Classic recently. 

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