Lady FUMING as man changes profile pic to him playing golf

Married to the game: This one will no doubt be relatable to all couples out there! 

Lady FUMING as man changes profile pic to him playing golf
Lady FUMING as man changes profile pic to him playing golf

Here's one that will no doubt be relatable to many of you couples out there. That moment when you are so proud of how your golf swing is looking right now that you just have to make it your new profile pic on social media. 

The only issue in the particular instance below was the timing of the photo change. This couple got engaged yesterday. 

Shout out to @golfunpluggedhq who posted this one to Instagram this week. 

As we join the conversation, the lady messages her fiance by the name of Brandon to vent her frustration at his decision to favour driver swing over wedding ring. 



Here's how it all went down: 

Fiancee: "Did you really change your profile picture to you golfing."

Brandon: "Yea why?"

Fiancee: "We literally got f***ing engaged yesterday Brandon! And there are so many good pictures of us. Do you even care about us?"

Brandon: "Of course I do but that was like the first time in my life actually stayed balanced and held my finish. I hit that drive like 300."

Fiancee: "Idk what that means but I hate you."

We cannot be certain the wedding will still be going ahead, but Brandon, fair play mate... 300 yards is a cracking feat. 

Golf fans have been reacting to the post on Instagram today. 

Here are a selection of the comments: 

"Bro just go ahead and call off the marriage."

"Married to the game."

"Just wait until he takes his clubs on the honeymoon."

"If you’re so insecure that you HAVE to make your SO have a profile picture with you in it, you’re probably not mature enough to be in a real relationship yet."

Ever experienced issues with your SO when it comes to changing your profile pic to a golf swing? Share your thoughts and comments over on the GolfMagic social media channels, or come and join us over on GolfMagic YouTube.

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