POLL: "I spoke to 1,000 golfers across Britain and what I found shocked me!"

New golf poll reveals an interesting take by Scottish golfers on the opening and closing of courses during the national lockdown...

POLL: "I spoke to 1,000 golfers across Britain and what I found shocked me!"
POLL: "I spoke to 1,000 golfers across Britain and what I found shocked me…

In a survey of 1,000 Great British golfers recently undertaken by Skilled Golf, a number of fascinating trends regarding the opening and closing of golf courses during the coronavirus lockdown have been unveiled. 

With English golf courses still remaining closed during lockdown, Scottish golfers have been allowed to continue striding the fairways - and it would appear the majority of Scots (71%) believe it should stay that way during the national lockdown. 


On the flip side, it should probably be of little surprise to learn that just 21% of these Scottish golfers currently back any possible closure of Scottish golf courses during the Covid lockdown. 

As it stands, Scottish golf courses are allow to remain open, but in limited forms of the game and with social distancing measures in place at all times. 

While you might be quick to pin these percentages down to ever growing nationalism within the country, it is hard to deny that cases per capita are much lower leading to a more justified rationale behind golf courses being able to remain open for play.  

Elsewhere in Skilled Golf's latest survey, interesting trends have emerged across various age groups when it comes to topic of the reopening of golf courses with British golfers. 



The most 'At-Risk' groups (over 60s) are unsurprisingly more reserved about returning to the course with 30% backing complete closure, although that is still just a fraction in comparison to those in support of opening. 

It comes as no surprise that just 3% of the 45-60 age range feel perfectly safe on the golf course, and in fact when asked, just 18% of golfers said they have ever been worried of a transmission risk on the greens - reaffirming the fact that golf is simply one of the safest Covid-era sports. 

This begs the question - if golfers support the reopening and the transmission risk remains so low, why does the government refuse to budge? 


Mark Webster is the Editor and Co-Founder of SkilledGolf.com. A site founded to help everyone from beginners to experts alike master their game. 

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