Is this the WORST tee shot ever caught on camera? We think it might be...

This poor golfer looked very surprised with his tee shot: "That's never happened to me in my entire life!"

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Wed, 13 Jan 2021
Is this the WORST tee shot ever caught on camera? We think it might be...

There's always a little bit of added pressure when your friend is filming your tee shot and you're either someone who relishes in the moment and stripes one down the middle, or you let your nerves get the better of you and produce something for everyone to laugh at. For this golfer, it was most definitely the latter...

I have no idea what golf course this epic fail was filmed on and if you recognise it then please drop us a message on social media as it looks picturesque, but I'm pretty sure this course has probably never seen a tee shot as bad as this one.

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As you can see from the video, the tight fairway is guarded with trees on the left and no man's land on the right, but finding his golf ball isn't the problem for this golfer, it's his driver that he should be worried about...


"Almost sent his buddy to the gulag Jesus," joked on golf fan (a Call of Duty reference for those of you confused).

"I’m gonna go ahead and say that’s happened to him before," said another.

"He should’ve been wearing a glov-... nevermind."

"Go back to the resort bar bro, try again tomorrow."

"500 dollar club but a 5 dollar swing."

"The ball technically went farther than the club."

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