Gym-rat Lee Trevino, 83, ready to "dominate with the driver" at PNC Championship

Golf legend Lee Trevino says he's ripped and ready to roll at the PNC Championship alongside his son Daniel. 

Gym-rat Lee Trevino, 83, ready to "dominate with the driver" at PNC Championship
Gym-rat Lee Trevino, 83, ready to "dominate with the driver" at PNC…

Lee Trevino might be 83 years old but he has made it clear he will be "dominating with the driver" at this weekend's PNC Championship when he plays alongside his son Daniel once again at Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Florida. 

Trevino, who admits he has been hitting the gym hard in recent months, is ready to take full advantage of his new-found length especially given he will be playing from the forward tees. 

"I still play the wedges like I did when I was young, plus my tees are up there so far that I'm actually outdriving the Tour pros. So Daniel [son] and I are going in with wedges," said Trevino, a 29-time winner on the PGA Tour and winner of six major titles. 

"Last year I had the putting yips and I couldn't help Daniel at all. He was on his own.

"The year before we tied for the lead with four holes to go, but I want to say one thing to you about this particular golf tournament, there is no more pleasure in a golf tournament that I've ever had, and I've won a few, than playing with my son in the father-son tournament. As far as I'm concerned, we look at this as The Masters to us. We talk about it on the plane coming back, here's what we got to do, we try to do a strategy here [laughs]. 

"I'm going to dominate with the driver. There's no question about it. I've been in the gym, you'll see this I'm hitting the ball longer than I did last year, and I'm older. I've gone to that crazy flex shaft, that $800 job, it's good.

"If I can help him on the greens, which it looks like I've discovered something by shortening my backswing on the putter, the yips have left me.

"I remember reading an article by [Jesper] Parnevik, and he says 'if you're going to yip it, hit it with a yip' so that means take it back shorter [laughs]."

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