FootJoy HyperFlex BOA Golf Shoe Review 2021: The comfiest shoe of the year?

In this video, Alex from GolfMagic takes a first look review at the NEW FootJoy HyperFlex BOA golf shoes.

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Fri, 19 Feb 2021
FootJoy HyperFlex BOA Golf Shoe Review 2021: The comfiest shoe of the year?

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A new level of comfort, feet feel extremely secure yet mobile, justifiable price tag
Controversial design
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PRICE: £149.99 YEAR: from 2021

The FootJoy HyperFlex shoe caused a mixed reaction from golf fans when it was first announced, but the brand - who is the No.1 shoe in golf - is known for its innovation, especially in performance and comfort. The HyperFlex BOA shoe screams comfort, but at a price of £149.99, it needs to offer plenty more than that. So let's see if that's the case...

We got our hands on a pair of the brand new HyperFlex BOA shoes from FootJoy and our equipment editor Alex has put them to the test to see how comfortable they really are.



Tuned specifically for golf, HyperFlex features a unique BOA lacing system and an all-new outsole which allow the shoe to move in  unison with the golfer and mimic the natural flexure of the foot. 

Added comfort and performance benefits are delivered thanks to a midsole which is cleverly designed to meet the needs of golfers  when both walking and swinging a golf club. 


FJ’s StratoFoam cushioning is a proprietary foam blend that provides optimal support and comfort in any conditions. This midsole  design provides the perfect blend of cushioning which helps absorb shock while maximising energy return to reduce foot fatigue. 


The all-new OptiFlex outsole design features dual flex grooves that flex naturally with your foot for comfort as well as a thin,  semi-rigid TPU flex plate that promotes multidirectional flexure and traction where you need it in the golf swing. 

HyperFlex features breakthrough performance fit technology, delivered with athletic-inspired styling and  materials in both a laced version as well as the all-new WRAPID, powered by BOA® Fit System.  

This innovative new system features an asymmetrical configuration that ensures a dialed-in, precision fit with a  reduction in pressure on the top of the foot. It enables the shoe to move with you, wrapping your foot in complete comfort, all while  providing powerful support through the swing. 

Laced models of the shoe are available from £129.99, with WRAPID BOA versions from £149.99. 


The HyperFlex shoe is availble with laces or as a BOA version and it's the latter that we put to the test.

BOA is being used by many brands out there and we are starting to feel as though it could completely take over laces. You might not think it's an important factor, but the HyperFlex BOA provided a new level of comfort and security that golfers need for shoes if they're going to be wearing them for a four-hour round.

The design, although having split opinions, is modern. All other parts of the golf industry, most notably golf clubs, has become innovative, modern and with the times for 2021. Golf shoes are classical but perhaps they need to be brought up to the current era so there seems to be a method behind their madness for this design and one that does suit a lot of other attire. 

At £149.99 it is a premium price tag but for FootJoy, the No.1 shoe in golf, it is justified. The comfort and ultimate performance this shoe provides will rival any shoe in 2021 and it's definitely one to try if you're in the market for a new golf shoe.

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