BiO CELL+ iron

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Andy Roberts
Tue, 15 Apr 2014
BiO CELL+ iron

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PRICE: £475.00 YEAR: from 2014

Tungsten weighting and a large unsupported face generates fast ball speed, workability, feel and control.

It features an undercut to bring the CG higher and give the golfer more trajectory control.

Looks: Not the most appealing player iron in the hand - you can see there's a lot of technology going on - but once down at address, it looks superb. Love the Tour-inspired compact head shape and it really becomes noticeable down by the ball. It has a nice low offset look, too. 

Feel: Feel is this club's forte. Balls come off fast, but maybe not as 'blazing' as Cobra claims. Ball striking feels very nice and crisp. Lovely thwack sound at impact. Up there with the very best.

Performance: Above-average distance and very forgiving with a tight dispersion pattern throughout. Effortlessly easy to work the ball, too. Very easy to knock down and keep under the wind. Biggest flaw in terms of performance is that it's not that consistent in terms of distance. Some shots absolutely fly!

Verdict: Great looking club at address, one of the best feeling irons in this test, and is packed full of forgiveness and distance. Yet saying that, it's distance control that is the one thing holding this iron back from a Golfmagic Gold. We feel there could be a potential for a few flyers, especially out the intermediate rough. Impressive though.

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