'My 12-bore shot gun driver'

Golfmagic user-reviewers win balls for their submissions - featuring McGregor V-Foil driver, White Hot putter and Ram Recovery club.

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Fri, 15 Apr 2005

'My 12-bore shot gun driver'

MacGregor V-Foil 42 driver

Trevor Partington (35) from St Neots in Cambridgeshire, has just returned to golf after a 17-year break and is delighted to discover he has lost none of his old appetite for the game.

"I used to be a junior member at the Eynesbury Hardwicke Golf Club (now called Abbotsley) and lived next door to the old clubhouse. I can’t imagine how many rounds I played during school holidays – but often it was as many as three a day, " recalled Trevor, who is one of our March user review winners.

"Since returning to the game I have been driving everyone mad by asking if they want to join me at the range or play a few holes. I’ve lost none of my enthusiasm, " says the former nine handicap who estimates his current status at around 18.

Trevor is one of three winners of a dozen Callaway Warbird golf balls, courtesy of County Golf Direct., for his user reviews. He told us about his MacGregor M42 V-Foil Eye-O-Matic driver and appropriately described it as the ‘12-bore shotgun of drivers.’

'My 12-bore shot gun driver'
MacGregor V-Foil forged wedge

He says: "It’s very long, easy to hit even off the deck with a great shaft with none of the gaudiness of other graphite shafts. It’s also so loud it can make your ears bleed, and startle birds within a two-mile radius."

He describes himself as ‘a struggling artist in the web-based media who has to work in a factory to pay the bills’ and also told us about the MacGregor V-foil VIP forged wedges he imported from the US.

"They have looks to die for, spin if needed, great from the deep grass and good grip as standard."

'My 12-bore shot gun driver'
Ram FX Recovery club

Robin Williams from Telford, Shropshire, is delighted with his Ram FX Recovery club.

" It’ is so versatile and I can hit my 21-degree anything from 200 yards down to 150 with a great deal of confidence. I find it much easier to really choke down on than a long iron from the tee when I want to hit a shot only 60-75 per-cent," he says.

James Hodge from Horsham, West Sussex, described his new Odyssey White Hot 7 putter as a magic wand.

"The moment I picked up the No.7 there was no looking back and it has shaved 3-6 shots off my game since I bought it. The soft insert required a lot of getting used to with a tendency to leave long putts short but I resolved this with practice," he says.

'My 12-bore shot gun driver'
Odyssey White Hot putter

"I have moved from five or six three-putts a round to one or two at worst and the other day to the disgust of my opponent, rolled in a 45-footer for par that broke his heart!"

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