Cobra ONE length clubs review: "They're good but they're not perfect"

Made popular by Bryson DeChambeau, one length clubs have split opinion since rising to prominence. So to see if they worked, we took them out for a test.

Cobra ONE Length
Cobra ONE Length

Having been around since the 1930s, one length clubs really burst onto the mainstream when they were first seen in the hands of 2020 US Open champion and LIV Golf convert Bryson DeChambeau

DeChambeau caught the attention of the golf public for a number of reasons, and one of them was the fact that all of his irons and wedges were the same length as a 6-iron.

Contracted to Cobra at the time, the brand jumped at the opportunity to launch a new product range featuring ONE length irons, wedges and hybrids.

We've been fortunate enough to test the Cobra Forged Tec ONE Length irons from 2022, but this time around, we've managed to get our hands on a Cobra Aerojet ONE Length hybrid,  King Tec Utility ONE Length 3-iron and a 60-degree Snakebite wedge also in ONE length setup. 

With a broad range of lofts but only one length, we were fascinated to see how the unique setup would work at the most extreme ends of the bag. 

Let's get into it.

Check out our video review of Cobra's one-length range.

How does ONE Length work?

The science behind one length irons is relatively simple. If all of your clubs are the same length, then using the same ball position and same swing, you should be able to have a more repeatable swing that doesn't need adjusting to each club's length.

Typically, shorter irons (7,8,9) are easier to hit than longer ones, so making all of the clubs the same length (7-iron) should allow golfers to have more control over their swing. 

While some critics suggest that by shortening the length of an iron shaft, you are going to decrease its club head speed and lose distance, converts to the system will point to adjusted head weight and loft as the main source of maintaining distance and control.

In theory, the system should make the game easier, with one identical swing being all that's needed to hit each club consistently. However, as we were about to find out, it doesn't quite work as easily as that.

Cobra Aerojet one-length hybrid
Cobra Aerojet one-length hybrid

Cobra Aerojet ONE Length hybrid

Perhaps our favourite club from the ONE length range, the Aerojet hybrid is an excellent fairway finder that, despite its shortened shaft, still performed admirably in the distance department. 

Thanks to optimised weighting and lower CG, the hybrid was remarkably easy to launch high and worked just as well off the tee as it did from the fairway or rough. 

Thanks to the shorter-than-standard shaft, it looks incredibly appealing at address; with the ball sitting closer to you than a typical hybrid, it certainly instils the feeling that you are going to have an easier time keeping the ball straight.

Despite concerns we had that the club would produce a flatter ball flight, we were delighted that we were still able to launch it high to give an optimised descent angle, making it an excellent weapon for attacking long par-5s.

While one length clubs are ideally always meant to be hit from the same ball position, we did find that by manipulating where the ball sat in our stance, we were able to create a variety of different ball flights, making it an excellent tool for a variety of different shots.

Cobra King Tec Utility Iron
Cobra King Tec Utility Iron

Cobra King Tec Utility ONE Length Iron

Utility irons have become a staple in Tour players' bags, and thanks to the added forgiveness now on offer in modern versions, they've become more and more popular with amateur golfers, too. 

Typically, a 3-iron would be something that would be reserved for more premium ball strikers, but thanks to the shorter shaft, the Corba King Tec Utility ONE Length 3-iron was remarkably easy to hit and offered excellent forgiveness when hit off the tee. 

A handy fairway finder for those who prefer the look of an iron over a hybrid, this club would also be an excellent tool for keeping under the wind because of the relatively low and piercing ball flight that it produces. 

That same low ball flight was, however, what made it, in our eyes, something better used off the tee than when approaching greens.

We noticed almost 30 yards of rollout during testing, which would make holding almost any green a tough task. So, while this utility iron could be a dream stinger machine for those looking to eke out extra yardage off the tee, it doesn't make for an ideal long iron replacement from the fairway.

Cobra Snakebite one-length wedge
Cobra Snakebite one-length wedge

Cobra Snakebite 60 degree ONE Length wedge

While we can see the benefit of shortening the length of a hybrid or three-iron, having a seven-iron length lob wedge does, in all honesty, seem a bit ridiculous to us.

Stood at address, the ball seems very far away, and when you are attempting to hit more delicate shots around the green, it certainly seems like you are sacrificing a bit of feel with the additional length. 

While Bryson DeChambeau has managed to use longer wedges with great success in his career, we do feel like, for the average golfer, this may be making things a bit trickier. 

Attempting some short pitch shots around the green, we did experience mixed results when using the wedge, and were not saying that with an adequate amount of practice, players of all levels couldn't utilise a one-length wedge to their advantage, but it does seem to make the already difficult art of chipping that much harder. 

We also tested the wedge out in a bunker, and while we were able to hit some good shots with the club, it does make bending your knees to get into a good position to hit a good bunker shot a touch trickier. 

The jury is out on the ONE length wedge, but as we always recommend, if you like the idea of a slightly longer wedge, by all means, go and test it out for yourself, as chipping is a very personal skill, and the additional length may suit some golfers more than others. 

Cobra one-length clubs
Cobra one-length clubs

Should you buy a set of Cobra ONE Length clubs?

Typically, we would like to give you a definitive answer in this section, but with a product quite as unusual and personal as one length clubs, it is truly a case of you having to hit them for yourself.

As you will have seen from our video review, they really work for some people, and for others, it's just not a good fit. The technology and principles behind single-length clubs are fascinating, but we can't say with any authority whether or not they would be suitable for a specific set of golfers or not.

If you are interested in the idea of a set of one-length clubs, though, we recommend going and giving them a hit, as it's a unique experience and one that could prove to be a massive benefit to your game. 


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