Review: Odyssey Metal-X Milled #9 HT putter

Will this be one of the best putters we've hit in 2014 or have Odyssey produced a flop?

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Mon, 21 Jul 2014
Review: Odyssey Metal-X Milled #9 HT putter

IF you cast your eye over the Odyssey Metal-X Milled #9 HT without too much notice, you may consider it to be a pretty standard-looking putter. Take a closer look and you will see that you have been duped.

It has a half moon appearance from the top, which isn’t anything novel, but the sole has visible weights inserted and the face has impressions over its entirety. Furthermore the top line of the club rises from the hosel towards the toe which is something I haven’t seen before.

All in all I like the appearance of the Metal-X Milled #9 as it has an overall classic look with a modern twist – the putting equivalent of Bistro pub food.

As we all expect from Odyssey, the feel is outstanding. Soft and buttery with rigid overtones, no one produces better feeling putters than Odyssey and they have put their knowledge of the area to good use once again.

The ball rolls true straight off the bat due to the depressions which cover the entire face which maximises the mechanical lock of ball and putter, increasing friction and producing consistent roll.  

The combination of both feel and a true roll means judging distances and getting the ball going end-over-end is simple.

The head  shape will suit a player who wants the manipulation of a blade with a little more stability and the adjustable weight system means users can tinker with the set-up so it suits their stroke.

Added stability is on offer thanks to the stabilising crossbar which stiffens the face without adding much weight.


A putter with exceptional feel which produces a true roll. This should appeal to the mass market as it ticks all the boxes in equal measure.

 RRP: £229

Tested at Muswell Hill Golf Club
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