Opinion: Why did the golf world lose its cool over Jason Day's jumper?

I think everyone needs to relax a bit about Jason Day's apparel choices.

Jason Day
Jason Day

When Jason Day rocked up to Augusta National for his second round of the 2024 Masters, he probably didn't realise he was about to begin one of the hottest debates of the year. 

The Australian was donning a Malbon sleeveless jumper boldly adorned with the words, 'Malbon Golf Championship'.

Day removed the jumper midway through his round and later confirmed that the tournament organisers asked him to do so.

Unfortunately, the damage was already done. Golf fans and pundits around the world had already begun tapping away at their keyboards, with the majority seemingly aghast at Day's sartorial decisions. 

However, there was a small pocket of resistance, who believed that if golf is to truly adapt to the modern era, it would do well to slightly relax its strict clothing guidelines. 

The Masters wasn't the first time Day's clothing caught the attention of the golf public. However, his screentime was undoubtedly magnified because he was playing with Tiger Woods at arguably the most hotly anticipated golf event of the year.

The issue received so much attention that we decided to discuss it in episode two of The Par FORE podcast presented by GolfMagic.

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So, why was this jumper the most talked about item of clothing at Augusta National?

Well, we can think of a few reasons.

We discussed this exact issue on the podcast, and we think we can almost guarantee, it wasn't the cut of the jumper but more what was written upon it.

Augusta National is renowned for taking a dim view of over the top promotion, just ask Wayne Player, the son of three-time Masters champion Gary Player

Wayne notoriously hijacked Lee Elder's moment of recognition at the 2021 Masters, in an attempt to market a brand of golf balls, and in turn was banned from every setting foot on the property again. 

Wayne Player
Wayne Player

While Day and Malbon's attempt at promotion was far less egregious, we believe the text 'Malbon Golf Championship' might have ruffled a few feathers with the organisers, as it could have been perceived as an attempt to promote a tournament other than The Masters.

While perhaps not a fair comparison, it would have been like Phil Mickelson wearing a jumper with the 2024 LIV Golf schedule plastered over the front. 

There are also some who have speculated that it was the sheer size of the Malbon logo that was the issue. The PGA Tour for example has a rule that stipulates how big brand logos can be.

It remains unclear whether or not that same rule is upheld at The Masters. 

However, the jumper was removed and the backlash began. 

Now, I have no qualms with Augusta National doing what they did, they make their own rules, and it's what makes the tournament so special.

The issue I have is with the vast amount of criticism Day received as a result and the amount of turned up noses the jumper itself caused. 

Jason Day
Jason Day

Golf is a game to be enjoyed, and those who play it should be able to wear what they want within reason.

I don't want to see a Borat style mankini on the course when I next play, but I have no qualms whatsoever with a sleeveless jumper with big branding.

The whole issue highlighted what appears to be a still deeply held belief that that the golf course is a threshold only to be crossed in freshly pressed chinos and a merino wool quarter zip. 

However, if golf as a whole really does want to grow, then those stuffy old beliefs need to be shelved. 

I may be in the minority here, but as far as I'm concerned, golf has moved on, and so should those who get angry about golf clothes. 

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