4 secrets to be golf course ready

European Tour pro Gary Boyd talks nutrition, pre-shot routine and identity

4 secrets to be golf course ready
4 secrets to be golf course ready
Gary Boyd in full swing at the 2016 Made in Denmark tournament (Photo: Getty Images)

European Tour professional and Callaway staff player Gary Boyd has provided GolfMagic with his four keys to ensure golfers think and play smarter on the golf course. 

Boyd, 29, who currently ranks inside the top 125 of the 2016 Race to Dubai standings, reveals his secrets about pre-round preparation, pre-shot preparation, pre-shot routine and even how he marks his golf ball. 

Over to you Gary...

4 secrets to be golf course ready


Most golfers on Tour can be described as serious athletes these days. Though there are exceptions who rely on their rhythm, natural ability and raw experience to keep them competitive.

Like most of my colleagues, I put the time in the gym to keep my body supple and fit and top up my energy levels with regular Getbuzzing bars and Max Golf Protein drinks.

Nutrition is important to me because it helps keep me focused and fuelled to give me the best chance to perform at my full potential.

I will then spend time on the range before the round warming up and doing a few stretching exercises before I head out with my caddie Paul Clifford. 

4 secrets to be golf course ready

If you don't have time to hit balls and warm up properly before a round of golf - and let's face it, most club golfers don't - at least try a few dynamic, golf-related stretches for five to 10 minutes to get some mobility and your blood circulating around the body.

Most injuries in golf occur because we don't warm-up properly. A few exercises can also help to get over first tee nerves.

Here are three great ones to try: 

- A combination of leg stretches with and body turns using the club keeps me in good shape before I tee off.
- With a club across my chest and simulating the golf swing it helps me get a good shoulder turn.
- With the club over my head and stretching from side to side it's another good way to keep the big muscles flexible.

Remember: You don't have to be as fit as a Tour pro to be successful with your golf but a few stretches to help you warm up will pay dividends.




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