How to hit a 50-yard pitch: 5 simple steps

Follow these simple steps to flourish from 50 yards 

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Thu, 4 Aug 2016

How to hit a 50-yard pitch: 5 simple steps

The 50-yard pitch shot is not a challenge to be feared. Rather, golfers should be relishing the opportunity of seeing their ball dance around the pin. 

The technique is relatively simple, and it doesn't take long to build a consistent stroke. 

Follow these five basic steps to flourish from 50 yards. 

Visualise the shot

Depending on what lies ahead, players need to decide what shot they want to hit. Do you need to play it low or high? Is the green undulating, requiring you to aim left or right? What's the wind doing, and where do you want to ball to end up?

Don't just pick up the same wedge you always use - take time to consider your options. 

Once you’ve chosen a stroke, pick your weapon. A standard pitching wedge will do if you want to fly it to around 50% and then roll it up to the hole, while a 60-degree wegde is a better option if you want to fly it close to the pin.

Studies show visualising a shot has a positive impact on your stroke. So stand there and imagine yourself stiffing it – and then step up to the ball and do it.7

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