Golf Ball Deals: The best golf balls in 2021 for UNDER £30

Need new golf balls but don't want to break the bank? Here's some of our favourite cheaper alternatives...

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Mon, 17 May 2021
Golf Ball Deals: The best golf balls in 2021 for UNDER £30

If you're like me then you go through plenty of golf balls whilst you're out on the course and continuously buying new ones can become an expensive necessity, especially if you're buying the best on the market like TaylorMade TP5's or Titleist Pro V1's.

Now there is a reason that the very best golf balls cost over double than others and that is because they are made with the highest quality and multiple layers, but that doesn't mean that there's not some cheaper options on the market.

So check out some of our favourite golf balls for less than £30 that you might want to consider.

Srixon UltiSoft

Sold in packs of 12 golf balls; Designed specifically for golfers with low to mid swing speeds; Super-low compression and softest ever core delivers an incredibly soft feel; Designed to maintain maximum initial ball speed for longer, straighter distance; 324 speed dimples which suppress air resistance in flight to produce a true trajectory.

£24.99 £19.99

Callaway Supersoft

The Callaway Supersoft golf ball delivers Exceptional Distance, Spin, Feel & Control and the new hybrid cover features an innovative PARALOID™ Impact Modifier made by DOW Chemical. This has allowed Callaway to create a highly versatile, multi-material construction and It’s how this ball can provide an incredible combination of fast ball speeds from high launch and low spin, soft feel, durability, and excellent greenside control.  The Soft Compression Core maximizes energy transfer to increase ball speeds, while also promoting high launch and low spin in your longer clubs for more distance whilst the HEX Aerodynamics are optimized to reduce drag and enhance lift for increased carry and higher flight.

£25.99 £21.99

TaylorMade Soft Response

The soft response ball has a hi-spring 3-layer construction and extended flight dimple pattern to provide effortless distance to your golf game. It has a seamless 322 dimple pattern with shallower u-shape dimples that extends ball flight and makes it much more easy to launch the ball into the air quickly for dominant distance. The ball has a 35 Compression ZnO Flex Core™ which offers a high-spring to provide faster ball speed and explosive distance after every shot. It also has durable ultra-low hardness cover provides a soft and responsive feel.

£24.99 £21.99

Titleist TruFeel

Titleist TruFeel is the softest Titleist golf ball with low spin for long distance along with excellent control into and around the green. If you prioritise soft feel above all, and still want the unmatched quality and performance of a Titleist golf ball, you will love the all new TruFeel. Everyone wants more confidence around the green. The proprietary TruFlex cover is designed for excellent control on your short shots, to help you play better and enjoy the game. How did Titleist make the new TruFeel longer for your game? They enhanced the aerodynamics to maximise flight, so you can experience more distance where your game needs it most.

£24.99 £21.99

Mizuno RB 566 V

The RB 566V ball has a soft compression with 3-piece construction for increased velocity at launch. With a unique 566 D-dimple design engineered to delay the rate of descent past the apex of flight. A slightly higher launch angle and nimble around the greens. New softer rubber core delivers incredible feel with improved ball speed. For a nice soft feel, the ionomer cover offers that blend of greenside feel and all year-round durability. 

£34.99 £29.99


Get the power and performance of a true Tour golf ball, but play with a softer feel at impact.  This is the all-new Q-STAR TOUR, Srixon's softest ball with Tour-level performance.  With the largest core in its class and FastLayer technology, Q-STAR TOUR is fast off the face and long off the tee. Its new SeRM urethane cover delivers ‘one-hop stop’ control for the ultimate combination of distance and spin.

£34.99 £29.99