10 of the longest irons on the market in 2017 - page 8

Want a driver that maximises distance? Get yourself one of these.

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Wed, 22 Mar 2017



In the distance stakes, we were mightily impressed. One of the longer drivers on the market this year, and it seems to do so effortlessly.

In order to get maximum distance, we had to play around with the assortment of weights on the bottom, in order to bring launch angle  and spin down from around 3.5k to 1.9k.

A centre track allows users to change front to back weighting, while golfers can also make the club have a draw or fade bias. There is also a face angle slider, which is a superb addition, allowing golfers to change how the face lies at address - this is a great addition when messing around with lofts on the easy to use shaft adapter sleeve.

The driver you’re probably not thinking about, but should be.


Price: £399