adidas Golf Collection Zero - FIRST LOOK!

adidas Golf brings iconic street culture to the golf course with limited-edition apparel collection...

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Mon, 2 Dec 2019
adidas Golf Collection Zero - FIRST LOOK!

adidas is combining sport and street culture once again, but this time through iconic and versatile products built with the golfer in mind. Today, adidas Golf is introducing a limited-edition capsule – Collection Zero – that will push boundaries on the definition of what performance apparel can look like on the golf course.

Designed in collaboration with teams across the adidas network, Collection Zero marks a new beginning for golf style.

As golfers are looking for more of a blend across lifestyle and performance when it comes to what they wear on the course, this collection speaks to the possibilities of what that can be.

Specifically, this limited capsule intertwines golf and streetwear through lifestyle silhouettes that speak to the traditions of the adidas brand.

It breaks down preconceived perceptions of golf fashion by introducing versatile, stylish and street-inspired pieces that incorporate the best performance materials.

What’s left are modified golf silhouettes that have more of a lifestyle look and feel.

“Golfers today expect to find apparel that provides them with everything they would need on the course – stretch, lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics, protection from the sun, etc. – but they also expect to find unique elements of style and versatility within those pieces,” said Dylan Moore, senior creative director, adidas Golf.

“We wanted to give them that, so we looked to our DNA as a brand for inspiration and met with designers from other categories to get additional insights. The end result was this unique capsule that had the perfect blend of golf with sport and street culture.”

While this collection is exclusive, adidas will continue to shape and redefine golf style in future seasons by infusing innovative materials with designs that meet the needs of the modern golfer.

The limited collection features a crew sweatshirt (£59.95 / €79.95), jacket (£74.95 / €109.95), Jacquard polo (£54.95 / €74.95), stripe polo (£44.95 / €64.95), Dobby (£54.95 / €74.95) and woven (£59.95 / €79.95) shorts, and Dobby pant (£69.95 / €99.95).

Collection Zero is available at and at select retailers worldwide.