Best golf headphones 2018: practice on the range like Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy rock headphones while practicing, and so should you!

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Tue, 29 May 2018

Let’s face it, knocking out two hours on the practice putting green is no fun. That’s why we rarely do it. But plugging into music or a podcast can make it just about manageable. 

We listen to music while practicing all the time, whether we're working on short game or full shots. On the range, it stops people interrupting your practice session, and also helps motivate and focus you through a bucket of balls.

But you do need a specific set of attributes from a set of golf headphones. Those cheapos you get on planes will not do.

Firstly we suggest always going wireless, as the pain of a headphone being yanked from your ear as a wire gets caught mid-swing is frankly horrific.

They need to be water resistant, and must be fitted well so they don’t fall off.  The sound - that often oscillates with price.

That being said, these are eight of the best we’ve found that fit the bill.


Bose Soundsport Free - from £180

Small, but whacking out some serious decibels. They hold a decent charge, but if you do get caught then you can get two extra charges from the case - nifty.

They’re super comfortable in the ear, and offer some of the best sound quality you’ll get from a reasonably priced in-ear, wireless headphone.

BeatsX - from £80

A neckband style wireless headphone that won’t break the bank. Punches out some pretty decent sound, and is simple to navigate.

Pairs instantly with Apple devices, and offers a secure fit.

Jaybird Run - from £170

Forgot to charge? No problem - these wireless headphones only take five minutes to get back into working order. That’s basically the time it takes for a pre-shot routine for half the PGA Tour.

Light and compact, these cancel some noise and offer excellent sound. There’s a bunch of options to make these fit your ears, and there’s also an app so you can fine-tune the sound.

Bose Quietcontrol 30 - from £180

You get the awesome performance of the Soundsport Free, with more noise cancellation. So you can shut those golfing dinosaurs up while on the range.

You get a really comfortable bluetooth headset, that offers excellent you expect from Bose.

UrbanEars Hellas - from £79.99

Removable ear pads - may sound frivolous, but once you’ve sweated into the padding, you’re going to want to give them a wash, trust us.

They lock onto you head well, and have great touch controls.

AKG Y50BT -  from £90

AKG are renowned for excellent sound quality at reasonable price points.

These are really comfy on the ear, are simple to use and hold their charge well.

The sound is epic, with really clear mid to high range.

Aftershokz Trekz Air - from £150

Ever heard of bone conduction headphones? Nope, neither had we. But it means you don’t actually put these wireless headphones in or on your ears. They sit just behind the ear, and by....conducting through your cheek bones (?!) you’ll hear music crisp and clear. Isn’t science magical?

This means you’ll never have to worry about them falling off, and you will clearly hear the shout of ‘FORE!’ as your ears are still open to sound as normal.

You get some pretty decent battery times from a single charge too.

Urbanears Stadion - from £89

Coiled, just like your backswing. These have a unique look, and they provide a nice, comfy fit.

The sound from these is pretty good, but not up there with some others on the list, and that’s why they come in at a great price.