The BEST golf smartwatch you probably haven't considered this year

The PRO TREK WSD-F30 smartwatch with Hole19 provides one of the most unique and in-depth golf smartwatches money can buy.

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Thu, 12 Sep 2019

The BEST golf smartwatch you probably haven't considered this year

The use of smartwatches on the golf course has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with the combination of wearing a stylish watch that looks after all of your phone notifications but also enables you to take advantage of modern day golf technology, with all of your GPS yardages ready and waiting on your wrist.

Now there have been some incredible smartwatches that have launched recently, but there's one in particular that stands out among the crowd and there's a strong chance you haven't even considered it this year.

The PRO TREK WSD-F30 is one of the latest outdoor smartwatch from Casio and is packed with hi-tech features for outdoor enthusiasts and it's also equipped with Hole19, making it the perfect smartwatch for on and off the golf course.

Hole19 is a free golf app that provides distance details for more than 42,000 courses around the world. It provides accurate remaining yardage based on GPS measurements and it recently added even more features, making it one of the most useful golf apps in the game.

The new features are currently exclusive to the PRO TREK watches, with three models in the current lineup, the WSD-F20, WSD-F30 and WSD-F21HR, allowing users to track their game without the use of their mobile phones or an internet connection.

You will need the use of your phone to sign in to your Hole19 account (as you also need to be authenticated to access the flyover maps and scoring features) but once you have downloaded your course maps from your favourite courses you will be ready to play offline and the phone can be put away. Post round, you can check your scores on your phone or by going onto the Hole19 Clubhouse.


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You can now track all your scores in either Stableford or Strokeplay format and save all your strokes, including putts, bunker shots, penalties and fairway hits.


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The new flyover feature allows you to take a birds-eye-view look at your upcoming hole, so you can see exactly what's required and what hazards you can expect in your way. It takes a matter of seconds to switch from yardage to flyover view, so you can analyse how far you have to the hole and what you need to avoid.


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The watch itself is military standard and extremely durable (you could genuinely launch it against a wall and it wouldn't break). Powered by Wear OS by Google, the watch is packed full of other useful apps as well as Hole19. There is even a function that allows you to use a full-colour map even if you have no signal, so if you're one who enjoys a trek, it's an excellent feature.

Of course like any smart watch, you also receive phone notifications once your phone is paired with the watch, so if you receive a call or text, the watch will vibrate and show you who is contacting you, which is very useful while you're playing golf. 

If you need to use the watch to look at a text message that has come through, once you go back onto Hole19, it will be exactly where you left it, making it very easy to check your notifications during a round.
The WSD-F30 is available in Black/Orange, Black/Blue and all Black. It combines everything you need in a smart watch with an array of useful apps for a busy outdoorsman. The latest additions to the Hole19 app makes the PRO TREK WSD-F30`one of the most unique and in-depth golf smartwatches that money can buy.

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