Chervo unveils SS17 collection

Italian style and the latest technology features in new Chervo range

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Tue, 2 Aug 2016

Chervò has drawn inspiration from nature for its new SS17 collection, using three of the solar system’s core elements to help create its latest eye-catching range.

The range blends modern textures with cutting-edge technology, and is inspired by sun, sea and earth.

The three natural components carry special significance for Chervò as they bear direct correlation with four of its market-leading technologies; SUN-BLOCK, AQUA-BLOCK, WIND-LOCK and DRY-MATIC.

Peter Erlacher, co-founder of Chervò 'Spa, said: “It is no coincidence that sun, sea and earth are all connected with four of Chervò’s functional themes.

“Combining the shades and nuances of the colours of these elements with high- tech special functioning fabrics, Chervò’s clothing is designed to perform in the best way possible in the most demanding weather conditions, hence the company’s slogan: ‘ Wherever, whenever.’“

Evenly split between men and women, the range offers a range of polos, trousers, gilets and performance jackets in numerous colours, and has been created to provide wearers with maximum comfort, superior technical performance and unmistakable Italian elegance for use in all weather conditions.

The latest polo and trousers designs incorporate the company’s AQUA-BLOCK feature, combining the use of high-tech and noiseless fabrics with interlock knit construction, while Chervò’s DRY-MATIC garments are all made from a special polyamide micro-fibre, guaranteeing rapid moisture evaporation to ensure ultimate freshness in an elegant fit. 

AQUA-BLOCK technology enhances the waterproof and breathing properties of the collection while the innovative qualities of its WIND-LOCK technology delivers warmth, softness, insulation and stretch-ability across its latest gilets and jackets, with Chervò using ‘Happy Goose’ 100 per cent animal-free down exclusively for padding in the latter.

In addition, the SS17 range is enhanced by a comprehensive knitwear range produced exclusively for Chervò by the Second Project Company, which lends a further sophistication and Italian elegance and is ideal for any occasion.

Available: late August

Head to the Chervo website for more information.