G/FORE G.112 Golf Shoe Review: "An 18 hole massage for your feet"

G/FORE rarely sticks to the status quo when it comes to its designs, and the G.112 shoes look to continue that rich tradition.

G/FORE G.112
G/FORE G.112
Unique insole provides continuous massage for your feet, casual hybrid design, excellent traction for a spikeless shoe
Spiked rubber side foot wrap may divide opinion

G/FORE G.112 Key Features:

  • Seamless synthetic upper: constructed for premium performance in any conditions
  • High-performance rebound Eva midsole: features an outsole with a lateral wrap for superior stability
  • Single rubber outsole: ensures maximum mobility and stability on the course
  • Low drop shoe: for additional turf traction and extra steady footing
  • TPU shank: for superior lightweight arch support
  • Heel-to-toe turf traction: allows for a smooth and steady swinging motion

Forever treading the line between on and off-course styling, G/FORE are experts at designing cutting-edge footwear and apparel that blurs the lines on what we traditionally expect from a golf brand.

Famous for bold prints, adventurous slogans and excellent quality, the brand has quickly become a beacon for modern golf design. While a number of the brand's designs will likely divide opinion, the G.112s have received a resounding nod of approval from the GolfMagic editorial team.

The nod was so unanimous, in fact, that the shoes have gone straight into our best golf shoes buyer guide.

G/Fore constantly seems to want to push the boundaries of golf apparel and footwear, and we're fully for it. While the brand may not appeal to the more conservative golfers, a growing number of younger players will undoubtedly resonate with its disruptive identity.

With the new G.112 shoes, G/FORE has opted to modernise a fairly classic silhouette in order to bring it up to date with the brand's image. The discerning sneakerhead should be able to see the stark resemblance this shoe has to the classic Adidas Stan Smith, but that's where the similarities finish. 

Constructed from 20% TPU, 40% PU and 40% polyester, the shoes are stacked with a whole host of performance and comfort-focused features that deliver excellent on-course performance and comfort.

To really put them to the test, we slipped them on and headed out for 18 holes.

Let's get into it!

G/FORE G.112
G/FORE G.112

G/FORE G.112: Looks

When we first saw images of these shoes, we weren't sure if they were our cup of tea. However, when our bright pink and blue G'FORE box turned up on our doorstep, upon opening the lid, we were pleasantly surprised. 

As previously mentioned, the shoes have quite a classic trainer silhouette upon first glance, but look a little closer, and there are subtle design details that really set it apart from anything you could consider traditional. 

The first thing we noticed when taking the shoes out of the box was the spiked rubber section that hugs the outside of your foot. If we're honest, the jury is still out on this particular part of the shoe. We can see what they were trying to achieve with it, but were it to be removed, we think they would have a much cleaner appearance. 

G/FORE G.112
G/FORE G.112

That being said, G/FORE does pride itself on stepping away from conventional design, so we have to commend it for taking risks. Without brands like G/FORE, we might all still be wearing tweed three-piece suits to play golf in, and that's a tradition I think everyone is thankful has been left in the past. 

Spiked outsole aside, the rest of the shoe looks fantastic. While there are a number of different colours to choose from, we tested out the understated Nimbus colourway that could easily be paired with any number of different trousers or short combinations. If you like to be a little louder on the course, though, in typical G/FORE style, there is an array of vivid colours to choose from, including Clover, Violet and Poppy.

We really liked the text towards the heel of the shoes, reminding us of Virgil Abloh's iconic designs for Nike and Off-White. The text is but a small detail, but it's those small details that really take these shoes to the next level. Anyone can create a simple trainer design, but it's the attention to the finer elements that allows these shoes to stand out from the crowd. 

That same fine detailing is continued further forward on the shoe, with a subtle G/FORE logo hugging the feather edge and classic dotted detailing hugging the perimeter of the toe cap.

Simply holding these shoes in your hand, you can quickly appreciate the high standard of build quality. Every part of the shoe feels luxurious, and as soon as you slip them on, you get a full appreciation for how well they are made.

G/FORE G.112
G/FORE G.112

G/FORE G.112: Comfort and Performance

There is one particular feature of these shoes, that we found absolutely fascinating. Having not worn a pair of the brand's shoes before, we were unprepared for what the insole felt like. 

Having done a bit of research on the G/FORE website, the shoes feature an antimicrobial cushion insert, and let us tell you, this insert is epic. Designed with an array of small bumps, the insert massages your feet as you walk, which is a sentence we didn't foresee writing down this week.

G/FORE G.112
G/FORE G.112

With each stride, the bumps roll up and down your feet, providing a really therapeutic sensation that we've not experienced from any other shoes on the market. 

The cushioned heel also fits really well, hugging your foot with ample padding so as not to rub or feel too tight. Towards the toe region, there was ample space, and the shoes also provide an excellent amount of arch support.

During the swing, we didn't notice any sliding around, with the upper providing a sturdy, locked-in feel.

All in all, these shoes were right up there with the most comfortable we have worn this season, with the massaging insole being one of the best features we've seen from a shoe in a long time. 

G/FORE G.112
G/FORE G.112

In terms of performance, the shoes came up trumps. The small rubber spikes on the sole provided excellent traction, and even when the heavens opened mid-round, there was no loss of grip, even on wet, uneven terrain. 

The low-drop design also keeps you close to the ground and provides an excellent level of stability throughout the golf swing. 

Even when the rain began to fall heavy, the shoes kept our feet nice and dry thanks to their waterproof construction.

G/FORE G.112
G/FORE G.112

Should you buy the G/FORE G.112 golf shoes?

If you want to experience a four-hour foot massage every time you play golf, then yes, you should absolutely buy these shoes. As you can probably tell, we quite enjoyed the sensation we felt from the G.112's insole, and we think you might too.

Add in sleek modern styling and fantastic build quality, and you have a fantastic pair of golf shoes that will keep your feet dry and comfortable, whatever the weather. 

At £180, these shoes are closer to the top end of the price scale, but they are undoubtedly worth every penny. 


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