The coolest Tiger Woods golf ball marking you'll ever see!

How much would love one of these markings on your golf ball?!

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Mon, 12 Oct 2020

How do you mark your golf ball? A straight line? A little dot? Your initials? How about with an iconic Tiger Woods Masters celebration? 

Check out this awesome video of a Sharpie pen in action, working its magic by drawing Woods' memorable celebration from when he won the 2005 Masters...



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Intrigued as to how a number of PGA Tour players mark their own golf ball? You're in luck - check this little feature out

Take a look at what a number of golfers are saying after seeing this awesome Tiger Woods golf ball design:

"I'll take a dozen of those please!"

"I don't think I could use that ball, wouldn't want to shank it off the first tee!"

"Take my money. I would play with that design every single time!"

"Love Tiger but I think that would be very off-putting each time."

"I prefer my black straight line but this is pretty cool."

"That's unreal, where can I get one of these machines?"

"I'd love to see someone draw that on their ball with a hangover while standing on the first tee!"

"How can anyone draw Tiger on a Srixon... that's disgraceful!"

How do you mark you golf ball? Share your thoughts and comments on our social media channels or come and join us on our YouTube channel. 




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