FIRST LOOK: New TaylorMade Spider FCG putter

Meet TaylorMade's brand new Spider 'Forward Centre of Gravity' putter...

FIRST LOOK: New TaylorMade Spider FCG putter
FIRST LOOK: New TaylorMade Spider FCG putter

Building upon a rich history that spans more than a decade, today TaylorMade has announced the latest addition to the acclaimed family of Spider putters – the all-new Spider FCG (Forward Centre of Gravity).

At the core of all Spider designs is a legacy of advanced materials and increased stability. While that remains true with Spider FCG, a new and innovative construction allows the company to deliver a putter that upholds the Spider tradition while simultaneously performing like a blade.

FIRST LOOK: New TaylorMade Spider FCG putter

Looks Like a Mallet

Featuring an all-new T-Sightline True Path™, Spider FCG resembles a more traditional mallet shape compared to other Spider designs.

The optically engineered alignment feature allows the golfer aim with the front edge and/or the vertical line, creating a perpendicular alignment aid. Rich aesthetics are brought to life through contrasting colours, sharp lines and copper accents.

"In developing Spider FCG, we sought insights from many of the top players on Tour," said TaylorMade's putter and wedge creator Bill Price.

"We compiled that information to construct a clean and traditional mallet shape that performs in a non-traditional way.

"The result is an intelligently designed high-MOI mallet that’s built for golfers who have an arced putting stroke. Forward CG placement lets the toe release freely like a blade, while the mallet shape and perimeter weighting help maintain the signature Spider family forgiveness."

Check out GolfMagic's First Look verdict of the putter in our latest video below:

Feels Like a Blade

The challenge of engineering a mallet with blade-like performance starts with CG placement. In traditional mallet designs, much of the weight is in the perimeter and rear of the putter head – which helps to increase MOI and enhance distance control.

With Spider FCG a massive 2/3 of the total head weight is located in the anterior, allowing the toe to rotate around that centre of mass. In order to front-load the head, an adjustable weight port was positioned on the sole of the putter directly behind the face.

Heavy heel and toe tungsten weights account for more than 100g of weight, while a lightweight rear canopy rounds out the shape.

Further adding to the forward CG properties is the CU29 Pure Roll™ insert. Crafted from 100% pure copper, this 25g insert is the heaviest TaylorMade has ever constructed.

However, like other Pure Roll designs, its 45° grooves are engineered to increase topspin and improve forward roll across varying surfaces – helping the ball start and stay on its intended line. In addition to the performance attributes, the metal insert delivers a firmer feel and adds to the blade-like performance of this unique putter.

FIRST LOOK: New TaylorMade Spider FCG putter

Forgives Like a Spider

It wouldn’t be a Spider if it didn’t forgive. With Spider FCG, the mallet shape and perimeter weighting help maintain that signature forgiveness.

In conjunction with the forward CG placement, this design encourages a free release of the toe (like a blade) and provides a powerful option for golfers with an arced stroke who still seek forgiveness and help with alignment. Spider FCG is available in three different hosel types, each meant for a different style of putting stroke.

The Short Slant hosel offers 46° of toe hang (squarely in range with most blade models) to fit golfers with a significant amount of face rotation. The L-Neck has 25° of toe hang for golfers with moderate face rotation and the Single Bend is the most face balanced of the three – better aligning with golfers who have minimal rotation in the putting stroke.

RRP - £299 (available at retail beginning September 4 and it comes equipped with a KBS Stepless Black CT Putter Shaft as well as a Super Stroke Pistol Black/White 1.0 PT grip; it's available in lengths of 33”, 34” and 35”). 

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