Hybrids: 8 things to know

How many to play, how to hit them, what are the best - are you up to scratch on golf hybrids?

Hybrids: 8 things to know

The humble hybrid - known in some quarters as the rescue club. They can get you out of trouble, be used as a scoring club, or even as a short-game implement around the greens. The hybrid is truly versatile.

But how much do you know about them? In order to understand what these modern golf clubs can do for your game, read on.

1. Advantages of a hybrid golf club

Long irons are tough to hit, especially for higher handicap golfers. Hybrids are designed to be a lot more forgiving, and get the ball airborne easily.

The term “rescue club” is misleading, as nowadays they are designed to launch high and land soft and are to be used from every lie. They are officially scoring clubs. 

Hybrids: 8 things to know

2. How many hybrids should you carry?

It’s most common for players to carry one or two. Golfers normally throw them in the bag to replace the 3-5 iron.

If you struggle with your irons, you can thrown as many in as you want, though. 

3. What degree of hybrid should you choose?

It depends on your gapping, so you need to head to the range to see how far you hit the golf ball.

You don't want big gaps at the top end of your bag, so find some that fit in there nicely. 

4. Different shapes of hybrid

Like irons and woods, hybrids come in many shapes and sizes. First, you need to find a shape and finish you like the look of.

Some are more rounded, while some are boxy. Some have large faces, while others are smaller. The design will usually have an influence on how the club performs.

Like the rest of the clubs in your bag, some hybrids are designed for better ball strikers while others are for higher handicappers. Have a go with a bunch of designs to see which suits your game and your eye. 

Hybrids: 8 things to know

5. How do I hit a hybrid?

Hybrids should be played with the ball forward in your stance, similar to if you were hitting a fairway wood off the deck.

You are still striking with a descending blow, unlike with a driver off the tee. Hit it like you would a long iron, basically!

6. When to use a hybrid?

A big plus of a hybrid is that it works better out of the rough compared to a long iron, as it has so much more forgiveness.

It works from every lie, and can even be used as a crafty chipper around the greens.

Hybrids: 8 things to know

7. Adjustable or not adjustable?

Like many metals on the market, some hybrids are adjustable allowing you to change the loft.

If you are definitely only going to play one hybrid and want it to play different yardages or flights, this can be a useful addition.

8. What is the best hybrid in 2017?

Well, there’s quite a few to choose from. Head to our equipment reviews section, or to our YouTube channel to find out more.

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