New Wilson range gives high handicappers a major boost

Super game-improvement clubs deliver outstanding distance & forgiveness.

New Wilson range gives high handicappers a major boost
New Wilson range gives high handicappers a major boost

Wilson Golf is introducing a new range of super game-improvement clubs incorporating ground-breaking technology and contemporary design to inspire confidence in high handicap golfers, whether looking to improve or new to the game.

The new Wilson Staff Launch Pad family of clubs includes forgiving irons, slice-combatting woods and a new FYbrid club - all crafted to ensure that clubface contact gets the ball airborne consistently for greater distance carry.

The brand with more Majors with its irons than any other (62), attributes the secret behind its latest range to the sole, which features advanced technology designed to reduce the likelihood of ‘fat’ shots. In the case of the woods, club head weight has been placed in the heel and matched with a moderate offset hosel to combat the dreaded ‘slice’ off the tee.

“We see this new range as literally the launch pad to improve the fortunes of golfers starting out and those wanting to lower their handicap to enjoy the game more,” said Jon Pergande, Manager of Golf Club Innovation at Wilson Golf. “The features in the Launch Pad clubs will
deliver confidence to those who need it and help those players who struggle to hit the club face consistently – experiencing loss of distance, control and accuracy as a result,” he added.

The club head of the Launch Pad irons incorporates a wide, progressive sole throughout the set that improves the ball launch for high handicap players. The advanced technology prevents the sole from digging into the turf before impact. A late-breaking bounce angle keeps the leading edge up through ground interaction to create a cleaner strike.

New Wilson range gives high handicappers a major boost

The short irons (7-SW) feature traditional game-improvement sole widths, while longer irons (4-6) feature wider, more forgiving soles, for more consistent ball-striking and greater distance. The club head across the entire range features a hollow construction that supports an incredibly thin face for maximum ball speed. The lower profile in the club head also moves the centre of gravity towards the back, resulting in a higher MOI and a more forgiving club to get the ball airborne.

“Our latest research shows the Launch Pad irons reduce ‘fat’ shots by 73% and help players gain an extra 10 yards distance compared to other models in the super game-improvement category,” said Jon.

New Wilson range gives high handicappers a major boost

The Wilson Staff Launch Pad irons are also lightweight making it easy to generate high club head speeds with minimum effort. The irons (4-SW) are available next month in right and left-handed options with a KBS Tour 80 steel shaft or a UST-Mamiya Recoil 460 graphite
option, both incorporating a Wilson Staff 2 Crossline Midsize grip.

They will have an RRP of £549 (5-SW) for steel shafts and £645 for graphite shafts (5-SW).

Launch Pad woods

Wilson has also introduced pioneering technology in its new series of woods that reduces spin to deliver further distance and higher launch angles.

The new Wilson Staff Launch Pad woods in driver, fairways and a new FYbrid all incorporate a moderate offset hosel to help provide consistent contact and tight ball disbursement on every swing. The Centre of Gravity has been moved towards the heel and further forward to
set the player up for a left swing path, which promotes a closed face at impact and neutralises any fade bias for straighter shots.

New Wilson range gives high handicappers a major boost

The super-lightweight Wilson Staff Launch Pad driver is one of the lightest the brand has ever created at 272g. The extremely lightweight feel translates into an effortless increase in club head speed for greater distance with every swing. To aid the high swing speeds, the
Launch Pad driver features Variable Face Technology built into the club head, ensuring a solid connection, regardless of where contact is made on the club face.

The Launch Pad driver features a draw bias, 13 grams of weight in the heel and a +2˚ upright lie angle which Wilson says helps cut the frequency of the feared sliced shot by over 50%. “The main goal with the Launch Pad woods is to help the golfer hit straighter shots in
the air more often and gain distance and accuracy off the tee,” said Jon Pergande.

New Wilson range gives high handicappers a major boost

The Launch Pad driver comes in a 10.5֯ and 13֯ lofts in left and right-handed options for men and women with an RRP of £269, featuring a UST-Mamiya Helium Graphite shaft with a Wilson Staff MicroLite grip.

The Launch Pad fairway woods (3 -15° & 5 -18°) are designed with the same +2˚ upright lie angle as the driver along with lightweight components and a Carpenter Custom 455 face for maximum control, incredible feel and impressive distance.

New Wilson range gives high handicappers a major boost

With an RRP of £149, the Launch Pad fairway woods are available with the same shaft and grip stock options used on the driver. Left-hand models are available in the same lofts, while women’s clubs come in two lofts - 16˚ (3-wood) and 19˚ (5-wood) with the same shaft
and grip options.

The new Launch Pad FYbrid has been created by Wilson as the ideal gapping club for higher handicappers - replacing the 3-iron, 3 hybrid or even a 7-wood. At 41” in length and 19.5˚ in loft, the FYbrid optimizes loft-to-length ratio for an ideal launch angle of the club face
for incredible distances. It features the same high-strength Carpenter Custom 455 face and moderate hosel offset as the fairway woods, together with 13 grams in the sole of the club to promote a closed face at impact.

The Launch Pad FY Club is available for a £129  RRP in right and left-hand options, with the UST-Mamiya shaft and Wilson Staff Microlite grip. The FYbrid will also be available for women in a RH option with 20.5˚ loft.

For more information on all Wilson Staff products, including woods, irons, wedges, putters, balls and accessories, visit

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