OCEANTEE contributes to planet-saving environmental project

OCEANTEE makes 1% for the Planet donation. 


OCEANTEE contributes to planet-saving environmental project

OCEANTEE, the sustainable golf brand, has made its first 1% for the Planet donation since signing up to become a member of the global network earlier this year. 

The majority of the donation, which represents 1% of the company’s turnover, has been allocated to OCEANTEE’s long-term charity partner the Marine Conservation Society. 

1% for the Planet is a network of businesses, individuals and non-profit organisations collaborating to tackle the planet’s most pressing environmental issues. 

When Yvon Chouinard founded 1% for the Planet with Craig Matthews, he described it as a rent for the use of the planet that all businesses should be paying as Ed Sandison, Founder of OCEANTEE explains. 

Sandison said: 

"Every business we come into contact with as consumers uses natural resources. There is just no escaping that.
"As well as purchasing from the organisations who use the planet’s resources sustainably, we all need to support non-for-profit organizations delivering exceptional environmental projects around the world that are recovering damage that has already taken place.
"If all businesses commit to contributing just 1% of their sales, we can collectively begin to make a significant impact."

The funds that the Marine Conservation Society has been given will contribute towards their mission to recover the health of the ocean. The ocean covers over 70% of our planet, provides more than half the oxygen we breathe, and absorbs nearly a third of our carbon emissions.

By 2030, the charity is calling for a third of our seas to be truly protected, so nature can recover; ocean pollution levels to show a clear downward trend and for fish stocks to be at sustainable levels.

Anne Weinhold, Corporate Partnerships Team Lead, said: 

"OCEANTEE are pioneering sustainable materials and practices in the world of golf.  Through their 1% for the Planet contribution, they are helping our mission to recover the health of our ocean. We thank you for your continued support and passion for the marine environment. 
"Through our purpose driven partnership, the Marine Conservation Society has been able to start conversations with the golfing community to help reduce the amount of plastic pollution on our shores and we look forward to working on more projects through 2023."

OCEANTEE continues to bring sustainability to the fore in the golf world by working in collaboration with Tours and governing bodies.

The OCEANTEE product range includes Drinks Bottles, Men’s and Women’s clothing and Caps as well as its ground-breaking bamboo tee range.

All can be bought directly online at www.oceanteegolf.com.

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