PAGE 3: The key to fitting Tiger Woods

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Wed, 21 Mar 2018

Tiger's golf IQ is as high as anyone you'll ever be around.

I think the biggest thing with Tiger is just listening to him... He asks a lot of questions and he wants to learn about the products. To be quite honest, he kind of fits himself. He's very good with feel - if the CG gets moved too much the toe, he's going to notice.

He will grab a club and waggle it... and sometimes he won't even hit it after the waggle. I mean, I've seen him do that a couple times. His sense of feel is just incredible.

PAGE 3: The key to fitting Tiger Woods

In general, I don't try and do too much with Tiger. I just try and let him talk and ask questions and then just try to help lead him to where he wants to get to.

He's looking for a certain flight, he's looking for a certain shape, and he's looking for his misses to do what they should. And I think in those first few events this year, he wasn't seeing that.