PXG launch affordable 0211 iron

New PXG 0211 iron half the cost of the 0311 forged model.

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Wed, 8 May 2019
PXG 0211 Iron

Since PXG began in 2015, the premium golf brand has been unaffordable to many, with sets of irons costng around £2500, but that hasn't stopped the brand from thriving in the golf industry. After four years of an expensive tradition, PXG has launched the 0211 irons, costing £200 per iron, half the cost of the forged 0311 model...

The new 0211 model is the first iron in PXG's history to be made using a cast not forged construction, hence why the price point has dropped so significantly.

PXG say the body is cast from 431 stainless steel, like so many other premium irons. The maraging HT1770M face is designed to maximise ball speed and face flex and is the thinnest constant thickness face on the market.

The price may be lower but that doesn't mean the 0211 iron doesn't feature some of PXG's premium qualities. The 0211 has a hollow body construction, the same as previous PXG irons. Inside the clubhead is the brand's COR2 material which is also used in the forged 0311 model. COR2 supports the face and rebounds after impact with the ball which raises ball speeds, improves distance control and maximises sound and feel to deliver an iron of the highest quality.

The 0211 model comes without moveable weights, something that PXG has been known for in the past. If you were to compare the 0211 and the 0311, the 0311 would be slightly more forgiving on off-centre shots due to the tungsten weights placed in the 0311's. 

PXG say that the 0211 irons have been designed to suit the widest audience of golfers possible, as this is the brand's first progressive iron set. The long irons are shaped like the 0311 XF Gen 2 irons while the shorter irons (8 - PW) have more compact profiles and less offset.

Another break away from PXG tradition see's the new 0211 irons come fitted with stock shafts, as PXG usually insist on custom fitting so that golfers get the very best out of their irons. True Temper Elevate 95 and Elevate Tour are the steel choice while the graphite option sees a new Mitsubishi MMT shaft.